Lough Derg Yacht Club

Enjoying sailing in Dromineer since 1835

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Have you Sailed Lough Derg yet?

If not and you don't fit into the Junior category - we welcome you with open arms to Lough Derg Yacht Club.

Sailing is our backbone and we are happy to share this lifelong sport, be you 25 or 55 or '21' ,with you. Once you still have an adventurous spirit there is no age limit.

We consistently run Group Adult Sailing Courses for our members, these are the courses scheduled for 2022

Adult sailing course 1 

Adult sailing course 2 

Adult sailing course 3

Email: officeldyc@gmail.com with Subject Line: Adult Sailing Courses

Lough Derg Yacht Club

Dromineer, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Coordinates 52.926N 8.273W 

Phone +353 67 24455

Email: officeLDYC@gmail.com

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