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Squib Keelboat

Squibs Sailing

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The squib is an extremely popular small keelboat class, attractive because it is quite dinghylike in its sailing character, it is sailed/raced by 2 people, and has many husband and wife combinations and so ticks a wide variety of boxes.

There is, of course, absolutely no truth in the rumour that its popularity at LDYC has something to do with the fact that sailing SOD's after a certain age gets quite uncomfortable and with the risk of capsizing almost eliminated, it has attracted a more senior class of sailor.

The Squib fleet sails in almost all of the LDYC organised regattas, so online entry is available for anyone wishing to participate - just navigate as follows: >>Sailing >> Sailing Events and Register online for the events of your choice.

However, the class is highly competitive and includes among its many participants sailors (especially in the UK)  with so many world championships to their names that it makes competitive look quite tame - here is a picture of a Squib in the UK in full flight!

For more information on Class Activities, navigate to the Class website (UK Class includes details of Irish events)  and to the relevant page on the Afloat Magazine Class Page

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